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Mensaje por Metaltou el Vie Sep 18, 2009 5:21 am

Kill E´m All

3. Motorbreath

Living and dying laughing and crying
Once you have seen it you will never be the same
Life in the fast lane is just how it seems
Hard and it is heavy dirty and mean

It's how I live my life
I can't take it any other way

The sign of living fast
It's going to take
Your breath away

Don't stop for nothing it's full speed
or nothing
I am taking down you know whatever is
in my way
Getting your kicks as you are shooting
the line
Sending the shivers up and down your spine

Eet fuk!
Eet fuk!

Mensajes Mensajes : 1930 Sexo : Femenino Antiguedad en el foro : 28/08/2009
Pais Pais : España

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